WELCOME To All Who Want Their Celebration

To Be A Memorable Experience! 

Andrew and Karen Walker work together with you to create an event that reflects your unique personality and values. They accomplish this through planning sessions to establish what kind of music and activities you want to include in your experience.

They can help you with a variety of experiences, including Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Classic Car Shows and Reunions.  They only book one event per day in order to give their clients the best possible service.   Read more about Andrew and Karen on the About Us page.

Click the links below to visit their Facebook page and their YouTube channel.  If you would like a quote, please, use the availability checker below.  If they are available, you will be taken to their quote form.  If they are not available, please visit the Event Professional section of our LINKS page.  In addition to Event Professionals of all kinds, we have included other Mobile Entertainers who may have your date available.

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