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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer:

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ADJA - American Disc Jockey Association:

As A Professional I Promise To:
 1) Operate my business in an ethically sound manner while maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct.
2) Abide by all laws and regulations governing my professional activities.
3) Use legal forms of music and performance materials in the conduct of my entertainment services.
4) Be honest and realistic conveying talent, abilities, and level of services to my clients.
5) Deliver products and services to my clients, as promised, to the best of my abilities.
6)Use a written contract clearly stating all charges, services, products, performance expectations and other essential information.
7)Provide a safe work environment with adequate protection for my clients & their guests.
8)Maintain adequate and appropriate insurance coverage for all business activities.
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ING - Innovative Networking Group


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